Newest MLS NEXT Pro club Carolina Core FC unveils brand & logo

Carolina Core

The newest independent club in MLS NEXT Pro, Carolina Core FC, have unveiled their new brand identity and logo as they get set to kick off their inaugural season in 2024.

The club celebrated the reveal on Sept. 14 at a live event in Kernersville, NC, with over 600 people in attendance. The new logo was developed following a collaborative effort with club staff, who aimed to capture the regional identity and reflect the spirit of Carolina Core.

The Carolina Core FC logo is a circular crest that incorporates three elements:

  • The sunset signifies renewal, symbolizing the beginning of each game as an opportunity for fresh starts and the creation of a legacy of greatness.
  • The mountains, standing tall together, represent strength and stability, reflecting the unyielding support of our fans, players, and community.
  • The red fox, the focal point of the logo, embodies the spirit of competition. This clever and adaptable predator thrives in the Core’s diverse landscapes, both urban and suburban, making it the perfect emblem for Carolina Core FC.

"We wanted to create a logo that transcends soccer and becomes a timeless symbol for our community,” Chief Operations Officer Evan Mitz said in a press release. “This new brand identity represents the heart and soul of the Carolinas, and we believe it embodies our core values of unity, strength, and tradition.”

The teal, green, yellow, orange, and red hues represent the landscapes of the Core region:

  • Teal reflects the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an iconic part of the Core’s landscapes.
  • Green represents the lush trees and natural surroundings of the Carolinas.
  • Yellow and Orange are inspired by the breathtaking North Carolina sunsets with warm and inviting colors.
  • Red symbolizes the rich clay soil that underlies the Core, representing the strong foundation upon which our community stands.

“By integrating elements of the nature found in the Core, such as the mountains, sunset, and the red fox, our logo celebrates the region’s beauty and diversity," said Marketing and Communications Manager Kristen Moore. "Carolina Core FC is more than a soccer club; it's a movement that unites the entire region through the game of soccer.”

About Carolina Core FC

Established in January 2022 as MLS NEXT Pro's newest club, Carolina Core FC is based in High Point, North Carolina and will play their home matches at Truist Point. The club's ownership group includes an experienced executive staff, including former US men's national team legend Eddie Pope, who will act as Chief Sporting Officer.