The Call Up

Ali Krieger on her message to the LGBTQ+ community

As one of the most recognizable stars for the US women's national team, Ali Krieger has long used her platform as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

The 36-year-old Orlando Pride and USWNT defender stopped by the latest episode of The Call Up with hosts Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits for a wide-ranging interview, with Krieger's advice to young LGTBQ+ people and athletes among the topics as Pride Month came to a close.

"I think this is so important for a lot of our younger athletes and younger kids a part of our LGBTQ community to feel like they're living their authentic life and living life to the fullest and feel appreciated and valued and supported," Krieger said. "I just want to say that there's such an incredible community out here waiting for you that will love you. I know that it's very difficult to take that next step and really live your truth but I do feel like there's such an incredible world for you to explore because there's so many people who will love you for you and no one can live your life better than you can live it."

Krieger has been married to USWNT goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris since 2019. The couple announced the adoption of their daughter, Sloane, earlier this year, with Krieger telling Collins and Sakovits that her hope is that she and Harris can continue to act as role models for LGBTQ youth who may feel anxiety about coming out.

"I really feel like it's so important that we have people who are in this world who are individuals who really live their authentic life and inspire other people to want to do the same," Krieger said. "And I hope that with Ash and I now with our daughter Sloane that we've helped save some people from thinking they can't have a happy ending and that they possibly don't deserve that and maybe through watching us living our authentic life that they feel like they can have great things too and that they deserve great things because of who they are and just because of who they love and what they love.

"We need to just really start lifting each other up and loving each other for who we are because we can't live our lives better than anyone else other than just being ourselves and so I feel like it's really important that the visibility continues and the authenticity of everyone's individual life really shines because that just inspires everyone to come out as they are and live life and love and be happy."

For the full interview with Krieger, be sure to catch the full latest episode of's The Call Up.